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Welcome to Simply Different Styles  , founded by Ashley Wilson, business owner and licensed cosmetologist.

After 7+ years of practicing, working in salons, learning by trial and error, and building her clientele, Ashley has transformed into a diligent hair stylist and has successfully implemented her skills into her unique traveling hair service known as Simply Different Styles LLC in 2019. Ashley has thrived to be her own boss, set her own prices, and add her unique skills to her business. 


In 2019, Ashley has completed 4 years of college at Stevenson University and obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an entrepreneurship track. In addition to, completing cosmetology school and receiving her cosmetology license in 2021.


Fast forwarding to 2022, Ashley’s clientele has grown beyond expectations. She has now embarked on a new journey of opening Salon Studios for licensed beauty professionals, SD Salon Studios. The Columbia Maryland salon studios location is currently under construction and will be open by summer 2022. In addition to owning salon studios, Ashley will continue to expand her luxury traveling hair service extension for styling hair at weddings and events. Ashley is determined to not only learn the entrepreneurial aspects of her business, she is also willing to strengthen her skills as a hairstylist. Over the long run, Ashley plans to expand and franchise her Salon Studios concept across the country.

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